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    Thomas Bel - Hommage à Piet Moget (excerpt)

    Hommage à Piet Moget

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    Laurent Bardèche - Remix Hommage à Piet Moget (excerpt)

    Hommage à Piet Moget


Side A - Thomas Bel, Hommage à Piet Moget
Side B - Laurent Bardèche, Remix Hommage à Piet Moget
LP + CD (the first 100 copies include a free catalogue). Limited edition of 200 copies.
Annexia / Maison Salvan, 2012.

For electric guitar & bow.
Composed in hommage to Piet Moget.
Performed live for his exhibition at La Maison Salvan on May 27th 2011.
Album version recorded in July-August 2011.
Remix performed & recorded by Laurent Bardèche in real time mode on February 25th 2012.

Résonances......variations mineures, diluées, dans l'étirement...


Listen here / Download the artists' notes here.

© Thomas Bel, Manuscrit, 2011 | Thomas Bel, Archet sur parquet, 2011

© Thomas Bel, Nature morne, 2007 | © Piet Moget, Sans titre, 2011, huile sur toile, 198x198

© Mirabelle Lagache | © Paul de Sorbier / Maison Salvan

Captations vidéo & édition © Lise Mazin / Maison Salvan