REVIEWS / Hommage à Piet Moget

Compiling a catalogue of the work of Dutch-born French painter Piet Moget (b 1928), its editor wanted to include a compact disc featuring the twenty-minute piece for electric guitar and bow that Bel played at the gallery launch. Moget’s big, neo-Rothkovian canvases are, in the words of Bel, where the sea and sky are one space, canvases “drowned into layers and layers,” work based on repetition in mystical sync with nature.

Thus his Hommage à Piet Moget sounds like a harmonica sun slowly fingering itself over a deep cello horizon. Bel subsequently asked Laurent Bardèche to perform a real-time remix of the piece and Bardèche gingerly opens it up like the flowers, and then the entire garden, responding to the sunrise, like an orchestra to its conductor. I dare say both complement the visual artist impeccably.

(Stephen Fruitman / Igloo Magazine. June 2013. USA.)

Maison Salvan organized in 2011 an exhibition with works of the dutch painter Piet Moget. He was born in 1928 and was already art-student at his 13th year. Since 1952 he lives and works in France. His main subject is the light and transparency of light and the combination of water and air. Air and horizon become more and more important in his work and his work gets more minimalistic. Thomas Bel was inspired by this paintings and composes a piece for guitar and bow and played this 20 minutes piece at the opening of the exhibition. The idea was born to release an album as a homage to Piet Moget. Laurent Bardeche offered to make a remix of the composition of Thomas Bel. The music of Bel is slowly and minimal. Just like the paintings of Moget. Slowly more ingredients will be submitted to make the composition complete. Just like the fog in the morning which slowly fades away by the sunlight. Bardeche extended the tones of Bel and all these tones melt together into a melting pot.

(JKH / Vital Weekly. July 2012. NL.)